Beta Launch

Here we go! Scriptdock beta is online!

Paula Redlefsen und Frank Hellenkamp – 12/2017

Our lucky cat is waving at the launch of this baby. Cause a lot of ideas, people and stories are starting to move. Just. Now.


As a first step, we’re notifying all Screenpitch members (a newsletter has been sent), for their Screenpitch profile is now online at scriptDock. If this concerns you: Please have a look at your profile, the new lay-out changes a few things! However, your log-in name and password are the same.  

We invite all screenwriters to test this site, take it for a ride, explore -and give us feedback! Once we have a writers-lead movement and everything looks good and polished, we will extend the invitation and get producers, directors and other script related professions aboard.  


Fanfare! Plop that cork! And: “we all live in a yellow submarine!” 

Yours truly, 


Frank & Paula