Logline Challenge

How are your log lines doing?

Paula Redlefsen – 06/2018

Are they brilliant- well, almost? A little dusty? Slightly frizzled? Or a stabile foundation for developing and marketing your story? 


Building log lines requires an eye for the essential like nothing else. This is about the motor of the story, and even the most beautiful body of a car needs a motor to get moving.  

As writers, we’re engineers, using words to create dynamics. And like any craft, it get’s better when it’s done frequently. 


We like to invite you to strengthen your log line skills! Consider it a training, a daily little routine, leading to far reaching results. If your longline contains your vision in the most dynamic form, it can reach decision makers right away.  

At the TrockenDock we’ve build a section for loglines only. Giving feedback to a colleagues log line offers a great opportunity for training as well. 


You can choose to work anonymously. 


If you are worried theft of ideas you may read this article and then decide which idea isn’t depending on execution. Those are rare, but they do exist. If you have one, keep it a secret :-) 



Have fun with this tool! 


Paula & Frank