Writing seasons starts!


Dear Community,

It is fall, it’s getting colder and the bathing gear is stored away.

Writing seasons starts!

We want to start on an adventure with you, a journey of the mind, which you can make from the comfort of your home, yet it is still full of dangers, uncharted territory, surprising discoveries and amazing insights and inspiration.

Yes, we’re talking about a script here.

A story no one has asked you to write, except the story itself. A story, maybe just an idea, a character or a concept, perhaps a moment between two people, a moment that changes everything.

A story that no one is telling or receiving, except if you write it down. Something that doesn’t exist yet, but which holds immense potential.

Every storyteller has these potential stories. And we all have a thousand reasons, good and bad ones, to not spend the time necessary to develop them.

I, Paula, have more of those than I like. And I only know one method to tackle this: sign a contract with myself.

Ok, pay isn’t great. But the coffee at the office is decent. And the story will be on paper afterwards, not in my head, no more a mere potential which I can get high on but that touches no bodies life, that stirs no soul, that doesn’t inspire others, in short: something that affects absolutely no change.

But stories are meant to transform! Not just our heroes and heroines - also our audience.

All of this starts with us, the storytellers. We start the heroes journey. We step forward, one step at a time, into places where we will meet resistance and challenges that seem impossible to overcome. We continue this journey through deep valleys, if we must, to bring new perception to the world. It’s not gonna be all easy, that’s for sure!

That’s why we do this together. Everyone on their own journey, but simultaneously.

In NOVEMBER 2018, I, Paula, commit to writing a feature film script. That’s approximately 3 pages per day. At the end of the month I will type „FADE OUT“ under that story.

This script is a first draft on which I can do further work (and must). It won’t be perfect, it’s not going to be sold or filmed right away, it’s not going to leave my laptop without revisions.

But one thing is surely achieved: the story is not just in my head anymore, but out on paper, were it can be revised and polished and improved. And where it has a chance to touch the lives of others.

During the month of November, I will share that process with you on facebook. Not every page or every scene! That’s not what this is about. I will check in every day to share the process and be there for anyone who wants support in their writing process:

Facebook group

You are warmly invited to start your own journey to your story! It’s a bit like a marathon, it takes endurance no doubt, and that deserves respect.

Everyones goal will be different, that’s why this is not competitive!

I’ll be there and cheer you on to keep believing in yourself and your story. Even if the soles of your shoes are coming off, your laptop goes on strike or you feel like stoping.

If you feel like this if right for you: There is one Month to get ready. This is the most important time, perhaps. Finding and building your characters, developing them, pining down an outline and turning points, becoming clear on the theme. Do everything that seems necessary and important.

And then we start. November 1st. Every day three pages.

I’m looking forward to this!

P.S. You can prior test your log line at the Trockendock. That way you make sure this story actually has legs.