TrockenDock Reviewer Spotlight

This month we want to pull the spotlight onto the readers and reviewers of the scripts at Trockendock.


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Dear Screenwriters!
Dear Readers, Reviewers, Editor, Lectors and Advisers!

This month we want to pull the spotlight onto the readers and reviewers at the Trockendock. It is a balancing act to do BOTH, point out the shortcomings of a text and show what is missing, inconsistent, or bumpy, AND inspire, give hope and push to greater motivation!

We think that’s worth a price.

The author with most upvoted reviews, meaning reviews that were deemed helpful, will be featured in a spotlight.

Please check in which reviews have helped you and express your appreciation through a click. It can also be the review of a text by a different author. Sometimes it’s helpful to read a clear analysis of someone else’s work.

If you’re inclined to make that spotlight yours, head on over to the Trockendock and write some reviews! And don’t forget to upload a picture to your profile! Otherwise it doesn’t appear on the authors site.


Paula & Frank


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