March Madness 2020

Scriptwriting-preparation Workshop


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March Madness
Scriptwriting-preparation Workshop

This course will be held within the functions of Scriptdock, however, in a separate, for participants only version. This means only course participants will have access to reading and posting pages.

  1. You will be invited to read a filmed and award winning script. We can all learn from the best and it is immensely inspiring!

    (There will be 4 German and 4 English scripts to choose from. Yes, you can join if you write in English.)

  2. Read it and write this scripts log-line. Upload and discuss this log-line within the course, compare your version with others from the class.

    Even if a brilliant, unique script is usually all about tonality, there is often a correlation between the tone and the concept. To search for this helps to master functioning concepts and worthwhile log-lines.

  3. Write a new scene for that script. Try to get into the specific tone and voice of it.
You can send the established characters into another plot line, a prequel or a sequel of the original script.You practice to write a 2-3 page dynamic, completed scene. This is our craft and what needs to be convincing: Dialogues! Scenes! Turning points!

  4. Upload this scene into the course-TrockenDock; read a scene of a colleague and comment on it constructively. Screenwriting is always re-writing. To execute an idea towards its maximum potential. One can’t practice this often enough.

What is the time frame?

Simple: 4 weeks; 4 genres.
*timed from Sunday to Sunday.

Week 1.- 8.3.  GENRE I — DRAMA

Week 8. - 15.3.  GENRE II — COMEDY

Week  15. - 22.3.  GENRE III — THRILLER

Week 22. - 29.3. GENRE IV — BIO-PIC *

Finish up on 30.3. Meet up on 31.3. in a chosen café in Berlin.

How do I sign up?

This offer is NOT for free! For higher quality learning, dedicated commitment is required. Payment proves to be an effective tool to strengthen ones commitment.**

You may join this course for € 22,00

This means € 5,50 per week. You will receive a tax deductible invoice.

This training is an investment into your potential! Wake it up!

SPECIAL OFFER: If you place on either spotlight BEST FEEDBACK and MOST ACTIVE MEMBER by March 1st, you’ll receive this course for free.

* true, Bio-pic isn’t really a genre. However, it is in demand and has good chances on the market. dramaturgy, structure and perspective are highly necessary for this kind of film.

** The modules can only be booked as a package. If you’re not into one of the genres7scripts provided, you’re invited to choose one of the other scripts provided. 
(ATTENTION: only for the purpose of study and education; no copy right violations! Please also refrain from uploading your own material. That will get the focus during the Screenwriting Marathon in April.