ScriptDock ScreenWriting Marathon reloaded

Four weeks. Only your script. November 2021.


Photo by Fern M. Lomibao on Unsplash

Screenwriting Marathon November 2021

This November we're doing a screenwriting marathon RELOADED. The former marathon concept in a NEW draft designed to bring out reliable results.

Get the structure, support, and coaching for your personal best results!

The previous scriptDock trainings have shown that weekly steps and live group meetings are effectively leading to any personal writing goal.

Therefore we designed this marathon in easy-going, manageable steps. For maximum productivity and quality. 

A timeline along weekly goals, live check-ins, and several „deadlines“ to submit material makes sure you get it out of your head and onto the page. 

We're doing this together:

We write for 30 DAYS straight. The time to go back, to review, and polish your work is afterwards. 

The benefits:


We accompany you through the monthlong stretch of  continuous writing. First the quantity has to be met - then the quality.

At the end of the month you can upload 60 script formatted pages, or 20 pages treatment prose, for an individual ScriptCoaching. Then we determine in personalized coaching where to take the story next. By the end your result will be at the quality you want. 

The scriptCoaching includes these project sizes:

TREATMENT = 10-20 pages outline for a feature film; or the outline of a pilot; or an outline for a series season.  This requires about 5 pages per week! Upload your pages to your dryDock and keep track of them together with the others; but they will NOT be read yet. You may ask content questions or present some aspects during the live calls.

HALF A FEATURE FILM or a PILOT SCRIPT = 40-60 pages of script formatted pages.

This requires an average of 20 script pages weekly! Upload your pages to your personal schedule; they will NOT be read yet, but you get to present a scene of your choice during the live call.
We realize that stopping at half a feature may interrupt the work flow needed to get to the end; to complete the script you can simply continue writing; or hang in for the next marathon.

We meet for 3 LIVE CALLS

We meet on Zoom calls every 2nd week to state your weekly goal, share your troubles, make a plan, present your work in progress, get support.

DATES for live calls:


2nd call: NOVEMBER 14th, MIDDLE

3rd call: NOVEMBER 28th, END

So after 4 weeks of writing, YOU MADE IT!
The 5th week is for you to check and correct your own work. Polish and rewrite - or run to make the finish line. Finally upload it for your ScriptCoaching - if you want.

Upload everything by the 30st of the month; receive a 25% discount on a scriptCoaching.


You can also participate in this movement absolutely free of charge and never redeem your discount. It’s optional. You can share your work with fellow writers from the Marathon or with anyone you like. It’s up to you. But you will have written it :-) 

We are looking forward to running with you!

Our coaches always remain fellow writers. We just get such a kick out of raising the vibes :-)

Paula & Frank & Carmen