Online Pitch Event January 2022

Pitching from January 11th to 31st 2022


Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

We're happy to say that the beta-launch in July was a success! We published 37 pitches, which got 32 reading requests, and during 21 days 23 new production partners came aboard! 

In the meantime one writer has signed an option contract through the pitch event - and this is just the beginning! We're currently inviting more potential production partners to the scriptDock pitch event in January `22.   

Along with the feeling of a colorful marketplace scriptDock remains a protected harbor: the sites programming keeps both, the authors rights and the production partners time, as safe as possible.  

A slice of the BETA LAUNCH pitch list from July 2021.

How does online pitching work?

  • Writers who book a pitch can instantly fill it in and modify it all the way until the end of the pitch event. The pitch will visible for guests from January 11th to 31st 2022.
  • There is not preset requirement for length, genre, or format of the projects. Present what you deem most fit in the size that seems most enticing. 

    (Tip: it's usually shorter than we think. Less is more ;-)
  • During the pitch event we'll present a list of all pitches for verified production partners only, showing just the TITLE, AUTHOR, LOG-LINE, FORMAT and the beginning of your SYNOPSIS. If this stirs up interest, guests can inquire reading access from you with one click. If this is granted, they are given access to the full presentation. Thus you as the writers see who is knocking and can decide for yourself whom to give access.
  • Those readers who have been granted access can read the whole presentation at their own chosen time, as their access remains open after the end of the pitch event.
  • A pitch with a lot of reading requests will rise to the top of the list. The list gives some insight into what has been in demand.
  • During the pitch event you can actively advertise it and invite your contacts to read you pitch! 
This helps pool all of the writers industry contacts and increases chances of finding the right partners for everyone.

PLEASE - make use of the time until then and polish your projects, pages and scenes! The logline should really hook the reader. As always, you can test it at the DryDock - for free and in exchange for your constructive feedback to one another. Just roll up your selves and dive into the texts :-)

Because we're the tide that lifts all the boats! 

We're looking forward to the diversity of your pitches!!! 

Paula Redlefsen & Frank Hellenkamp

Your team at ScriptDock