Basic Tonality Training

Four weeks. Four scripts to read. March 2022.


Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Basic Tonality Training

We’re taking a look at the basics: How do we create emotions in our audience? How to we make them laugh, cry, gripped in suspense? Reading material and practical exercises within four broad genres let you investigate the mechanisms and invite you to practice them.

This training provides a selection of scripts that are currently broadcast as outstanding movies. Yes, you can find the scripts online - but it is more effective to engage with them in this monthlong program. Together we will write loglines and scenes of some amazing scripts - training the Oscar muscle! ;-)

Screenwriters all want and need to read fresh scripts in order to stay on top of the current development of the trade, therefore we'll jump right into some of the best ones today. As reading scripts and writing scenes really is the basis of the craft, this training is suitable for all levels of experience - from newbie to pro - plus working side by side provides different angles and is fun!

The training will be held in an exclusive section within Scriptdock. The group can access all texts, upload their own pages, and comment on colleagues' posts.

What is the time frame?

Simple: 4 weeks; 4 scripts to read.

*timed from Tuesday to Tuesday, beginning March 1st, 2022

  1. Task: each week you will be invited to read an award-winning script. We can all learn from the best and it is immensely inspiring!

  2. Task: write this scriptlog-line. Upload and discuss this log-line within the course, compare your version with others from the class.

  3. Task: Write a new scene for that script. Try to get into the specific tone of it! You can send the characters into another plotline; or into a prequel or a sequel of the original script. You practice to write a 2-3 page dynamic, completed scene. This is our practice: to hit a genre tonality.

  4. Task: Upload this scene into the course DryDock; read a scene of a colleague and comment on it constructively. Experienced writers accompany every group and lead in a constructive exchange culture.

How do I sign up?

This offer is effectively sharpening your own tonality and voice as a writer. It has been tried and proven and lead to some career changing discoveries - your own voice!

Cheap programs often leads to half-hearted results. We wish for participants to be really committed - but we also want the price to be no obstacle, so this is absolutely doable, even on a busy schedule and tight budget: for only € 22,00

You will receive a tax-deductible invoice.
There are no more excuses ;-)

Know your Genres!
Know your strengths!

* for each genre ONE of FIVE scripts is in German. So if this doesn't concern you, just read the 4 English ones.

Many of the scripts can be found online and read at your own time and disposal. If you actually do that, great! This training is for those of us who want practical exercises, exchange feedback, and to engage in a group.