Pitch-Event JANUARY 2022

Successful Launch of the scriptDock online pitches

Paula Redlefsen – 06/2022

They look so nice and are now out of sight, alas! You can see the three pitches above, that had the most reading requests.

Published pitches: 40

Reading requests: 47

*These numbers do not include reading requests from other authors and ScriptDock's test profile.

The next online pitch event will be for 21 days in July 2022

We want to address even more production partners, so that chances increase for the right partners to find each other.

To woe even more production partners we need your fresh voices, with high quality and diverse pitches! Get ready, please :-)

CHECK OUR CALENDAR for consistent, effective online trainings, and use the DRY DOCK for fair and constructive feedback exchange with colleagues!!

For the authors who pitched: If you gave reading access to your pitch, it will remain visible to the approved production partners, they can still contact you - and you can contact them. So the ball is in the field and may be moved. We continue our efforts and keep our fingers crossed for you!

With best regards,

Paula Redlefsen & Frank Hellenkamp

Your ScriptDock Team