ScriptDock ScreenWriting Marathon November 2022

Four weeks. Only your script. November 2022.


Photo by Luca J on Unsplash

The core of our business - besides acquisition, networking, watching movies, reading scripts, writing applications, polishing pitches, writing e-mails, sending invoices - is actually screenwriting, and that's what we're focusing on now: 

Who has a project of the heart that desperately needs some undivided attention?
Who has been putting off a good idea for a long time because so much everyday stuff gets in the way?
Who wants to finally have something on paper that's still floating around in their head, on notepads and collections of materials?

The Screenwriting Marathon is the direct way to face it. 

Because this method works:

Then revise

Then feedback and coaching.

Screenwriting Marathon

Get the structure, support, and coaching for your personal best results!

Previous screenwriting marathons have shown that gentle peer pressure and a deadline are very effective in reliably achieving personal writing goals.

Sometimes a few obstacles have to be overcome to get it out of your head and onto paper. Above all, PERFECTIONISM and PROCRASTINATION. That's why we have (almost) only one basic rule for the marathon, namely to WRITE through. This ensures productivity, and puts the inner censor to rest.

We're doing this together:

We write for 3 weeks straight. You may go back to review and polish your work in the last week of the month. 

The benefits:


Through the active writing practice of colleagues and the exchange about the process a dynamic is created that causes everyone to persevere. It's like running a marathon - you don't run it alone.

At the end of the month, you can upload 60 pages of script, or a 20-page treatment for an individual script coaching. The coaches will work with you one-on-one to determine where your next development steps can sharpen your vision and voice. Ensuring that the quality you want is there in the end.

Where is this happening?

We have our own marathon site on ScriptDock, where we regularly share our page count and communicate via chat.

To click this off, we meet on a zoom call to state our personal goals, and dedicate our efforts to overcome the obstacles. Dates for live calls will be published at the ScriptDock calendar.

Upload everything by the end of the month and receive a small ScriptCoaching.

How does a ScriptCoaching work?

First you get line-by-line feedback on your text and a written summary of the coaches first impression. Then we engage in a dialogue to specify your goals (either via Skype or in writing): what do you want to achieve? Where does the next step lead? We want to see YOUR stories fully developed, not something bent. 

The coach wants to lead you back to the feeling: "Now I know clearly where I am really drawn to, what drives me most", then we will show you the ways to get there.

This is followed by a written development recommendation with practical steps that bring new energy into the work process. In addition, we give you concrete examples that illustrate what could be dramaturgically condensed and strengthened. 

The marathon gives a specific deadline for writing your story.

The coaching is only retrievable if you actually reach your individual goal of the marathon. Of course, you may also exchange feedback in the dry dock with the participants from the marathon! This costs nothing and the required trust often arises through the common journey. 

The scriptCoaching includes these project sizes:

TREATMENT = 10-20 pages outline for a feature film (or a pilot/ or a season arc).  This requires writing 5 pages per week!

SCRIPT = 40-60 pages of script formatted pages.

This requires writing 3 PAGES per day!

So many numbers. But what is the fee?

only € 99,- ! + VAT

you receive a tax deductible receipt.

We are looking forward to running with you!

Paula & Frank & Carmen

ScriptCoaches are active writers themselves, and committed to  the profession. We just love the energy of the creative group!