Pitch-Event JANUARY 2023

ScriptDock online pitch event has started

Paula Redlefsen – 01/2022

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

The screenwriters' pitches are published and can only be seen by registered, verified production partners and pitching colleagues. All participants can browse the list of pitches and submit a reading request directly to the writer if interested. Scriptdock ensures a safe, high-quality framework and otherwise does not interfere ;-)

Number of published pitches on day 3: 62

Of which in English 15, in German 47

Series/Sitcoms 22, Feature Films 40

This ONLINE PITCH EVENT is open until January 30th, 2023.

The next online pitch event will be for 21 days in Juni 2023

We have more than 90 production partners aboard, so that chances increase for the right partners to find each other. Polish and show your fresh works, in high quality and diverse pitches! Get busy, please :-)

To get into your personal best shape for the bi-anual PITCH EVENTS, please CHECK OUR CALENDAR for consistent, effective online trainings, and use the DRY DOCK for free and exchange constructive feedback exchange with colleagues!!

For participating authors: If you gave reading access to your pitch, it will remain visible to the approved production partners even AFTER the event, they can still contact you - and you can contact them. So the ball is in the field and may be moved.  

We keep our fingers crossed!

With best regards,

Paula Redlefsen & Frank Hellenkamp

Your ScriptDock Team