How does online pitching work?


  • The presentations are in writing with the option to upload pictures.
  • Authors may book a pitch spot that is displayed during the online pitch event.  A list of pitch previews presents only TITLE, AUTHOR, LOGLINE, FORMAT and the beginning of the SYNOPSIS.
  • Only verified production partners will have access to this list for 3 weeks for the duration of the pitch event. During this time, production partners can submit a reading request directly to the author.
  • The pitch spot offers authors various possibilities to present a project in a professional and detailed way. (Exposé, treatment, photos, scenes, synopsis, writers vision, extended profile of the writer, etc.)
  • ScriptDock does not make any specifications regarding length, genre or format of the material. Authors may choose what they want to present and make their pitch so enticing that production partners will want to get in touch with them.
    (Hint: this is usually shorter than we authors tend to think...!).

  • The verified production partners will be able to see the list of pitch previews, and if they are interested, may click to ask the author for access to read the full presentation of the project. This way the writer can see in advance who is knocking and decide who can access the complete pitch - and who cannot.
  • The approved readers of a pitch can read the entire presentation also AFTER the end of the pitch event. This gives the production partners time to read the full presentation when the 3 weeks have passed. The limited duration of pitch event simply requires everyone to come together at the same time and to choose what is of interest individually.
  • A pitch that receives many reading requests will move up the list. This makes the pitch more attractive and visible to other potential readers.
  • Authors are encouraged to actively promote their pitch and invite potential partners during the Pitch Event period! This way, the industry contacts of all authors are bundled and the chances of finding the right partners increase.

Was mir grundsätzlich gefällt am Pitchformat ist die Herausforderung an mich als Autorin, den eigenen Stoff richtig gut zu präsentieren – das spornt mich an. Und Ihr bei Scriptdock bereitet das auch toll vor und digital auf, unterstützt, motiviert und begleitet die AutorInnen dabei – da habt Ihr mein volles Vertrauen.

Das Pitch-Event war eine sehr gute Mög­lich­keit in ei­nem ge­schütz­ten Rah­men sei­ne Film- oder Se­ri­en­kon­zep­te zu pit­chen und sicht­bar für Pro­du­zen­ten zu sein.

Für mich hat sich ein Kon­takt mit ei­nem Pro­du­zen­ten er­ge­ben, mit dem ich im­mer noch im Aus­tausch bin. 

Dan­ke für die­se tol­le Mög­lich­keit, die ich ger­ne wie­der wahr­neh­men wer­de!


The key data at a glance: 

A pitch costs 33,- (plus 19%)

You will be asked to pay, once you decide to publish a pitch.



  • Your title, logline and synposis are absolutely CLEAN linguistically! Spelling correction has been done, the logline has been checked and meets professional standards, feedback has been taken. Feedback exchange is always possible here: https://scriptdock.de/de/loglines/
  • TITLE, LOGLINE, SYNOPSIS: These three elements are essential to fill in, everything else is additional. However, a good title photo is very effective!

  • The title photo is about the TONALITY you envision for the film. It's about a first impression, in terms of GENRE and visual QUALITY.

  • Feel free to attach scenes or excerpts from the script, make people curious to see more. Pitching is also about getting to know the plot.


  • Please refrain from making the cover photos graphic. We have not yet seen a version where an author would not have harmed himself/herself by doing so. DO NOT put colorful type over the images, please. It doesn't need to show elements of the plot.

  • Publishing an entire script is NOT recommended. It is not necessary for a first impression and leaves little room to initiate a new working relationship. It is better to show a whole script only after multiple exchanges and mutual (!) interest.

  • Please do NOT contact the production partners outside of the pitches! In order to protect their time, they will then sign off with us. And we do not want that. 
You can invite whoever fits your material to your pitch via LINK! This is simple and safe; you will see the button when the pitch is published.