scriptDock Membership

What does the FREEBOOTER membership do for me?

It spans an arc over 4 months of structured steps, clear dates, quality mentoring, with community and top-notch reading material to support a clear goal:

How can I get to an industry-ready pitch with little time and high expectations of myself?

We'll guide you on your hero's journey and help you stay on course.

But you also have to commit yourself to work productively and with focus on your skills and on your project.

Your Steps

To develop a first idea to a pitchable result in 4 months:

Start – Define your goal

Meet in a live call and pledge to your project.

Read – Basic Training

One month for reading and research.

Basic Training 

Circle in and write down – Advanced Training

One month to follow a structure in writing and find your storys' structure.

Advanced Training

Write – Screenwriting Marathon

One month to write a rough draft in creative flow.

Screenwriting Marathon

Coaching – feedback and improvement

ScriptCoaches read your work and help you find the next steps to reach your personal goal.


Climax – Pitch Event

You pitch your project, selecting your best material from all three trainings. You present it at the next upcoming ScriptDock pitch event.

Production-partners request reading access. 

Pitch Event