The tide that raises all boats - that's us

The main idea that lead to this site is simple: if everything that is wanted is found somewhere online, why not make good scripts available?

And how can we as authors use the internet to connect and work on our craft, as well as present our best results?

Building a simple marketplace online might work for selling cars or houses, but it's a little different with scripts. Scripts are living things, changeable and shaped by all sorts of influences. Written by living beings who are also under all sorts of influences.

This calls for a fluid structure.

A community.

That's you.

We offer a space for it.


We believe the world needs stories - authentically, vulnerably and bravely told - to further human evolution.

If you feel called to inspire an audience, to reflect to them their experiences, and do so in your authentic voice, you are VALUABLE.

If your unique expression is shining brightly, it's just a matter of finding the right recipients for this light. The audience that needs to see just this light, hear this message, in order to shine brighter themselves.

Worldwide interconnectedness is making that possible.

The great power of television had a somewhat equalizing and repetitious effect on stories and stances. 

This also resulted in an atmosphere of competitive envy among narrators, conformation to existing standards, and consensus where actually guts are needed. 

In this phase of upheaval in the industry, there is a real chance to shift into another mode. To make space for the power of unique voices expressed in well written scripts.

As creatives we encourage each other to step more into our strength. For we are the tide that lifts all the boats.