ScriptDock Training

You want to work on your craft?

Basic Training

There is no better teacher than reading GREAT SCRIPTS!

We dive into writing by study of scripts and expand our writing abilities with effective exercise. Meet with fellow writers and practice your structure muscles by exchanging feedback.


Advanced Training

Know your WORLD! 
Know your GENRE! 
Know your CHARACTERS! 
Know your central CONFLICT!

Training for screenwriters who develop their own series concept!

Wether you are writing your 5th series concept, or just thinking about it getting the first draft out, no matter where you are at, this is for you. By supplying reading samples, individual feedback, and a structured work process, this training is designed to get you to the next level. 

The step-by-step process and the high quality feedback will get you to presentable results, no matter where you start from. 



No one said it’s easy: Once you have gone through your story from BEGINNING to END - you will do it countless more times.

But this is where it all begins: commit to a story, dive deep into the material, and stay with writing it until you reach fade out. In a Marathon, we do it together. The energy is contagious, there is a solid structure, and we support one another.


Script Coaching

You have written a script and are not sure where to take it next? You want a one-on-one intensive script Coaching rather than peer feedback?

We know the script is never separate from the writer, therefore we are dedicated to guiding YOU to your personal unique voice and reach your individual goal.