ScriptDock guideline
for a helpful review

Please note the authors indication of the state of the project. It may be ill suited to begin with a detailed spelling or formatting critique, if it’s actually a first draft and the author is looking for a general feedback.

- try and note your gut reaction right after reading. It is valuable and might get lost further on.

- Focus on the basic elements of the story: exposition, characters, turning points. dramatic arcs, resolution, and so on. What works for you, what doesn’t?

- please make your critique specific: which lines/passages made something unclear, when did you get the impression you have? Be as precise as possible, for general judgments, be they good or bad, aren't very helpful.

- describe the tone and style of the writing. Does the tone support the genre? Which passages or pages evoke a certain magic, which don´t?

- make suggestions on how to improve it. If you have ideas, chip them in: also suggestions sometimes show which elements are shaky or easily replaced.

- what is positive? It’s always worthwhile highlighting the potential! Who among us writers doesn't need encouragement? Mention what you like about the story and what made you react emotionally.

- in case you know films (weather they failed or succeeded) that are trying to convey something similar, point them out. It never hurts to know the market.

- Point in a direction. Finish your review with a short summary what worked for you and what didn't. And give your advice what to focus on. The author may find it useful to see the next steps.