Intellectual work has a value.

At DryDock an exchange system recognizes and promotes the craft of scriptwriting.


The rules of the game:

Every participant needs to create a basic ScriptDock profile. Thus we verify that only qualified scriptwriters have access to this protected area. The basic profile is free.

In order to promote the most helpful reviews, a ranking system organizes them.

(Every member of the DryDock may rank any review once, thereby help to ensure a high quality of the reviews.

arrow shows up = relevant

arrow shows down = less relevant

When a review is mostly ranked „less relevant“, it probably doesn’t help the writer who was looking for feedback. When your review is ranked „less relevant“ frequently, you may rewrite it.)

Your work has a value. If you’d like to receive a review at the DryDock, first write two reviews yourself.

the following key applies:



continuous text 

You have read and reviewed X pages: 

You may post X pages: 


You wish to receive feedback to your script or script related text.

To start with, every writer receives credit for pages to post: either 15 pages scriptformated text; or 7 pages in continuous text. You can post these pages at the DryDock in order to receive a review. Anonymous*–or with your profile shown, as you choose.

Posting anonymously gives you the option to show your work with all the half baked ideas, crazy concepts or your horrible orthography: you can show them among colleagues and receive valuable help. The drafts at the dryDock are not being ranked because this is the workshop where shreds and creativity sparks fly. So go at it!

A fellow writer will read your work and write a review. Both, your draft and the review can be viewed by other participants at the DryDock (ONLY writers allowed!). Producers and other script professionals looking for scripts and talent may go browse in the section PITCHES.

Other authors may rank and comment on the review.


You want to read another authors text and write a review, give feedback. 


You may either browse and add your two cents to an ongoing review/discussion. 


Or you can hit read and receive a fresh text. You accept the assignment to write the first review to a script or script related text of a colleague. Here you may pre-select genres and duration. 


When you post a review, your profile will be visible- you show your face.  

It´s not about writing pleasing reviews only, rather it’s great if you have solid critique skills! But your efforts to improve another person’s work can only be fruitful if the attitude is a constructive one. History has proven countless times that remaining anonymous doesn´t really help on positivity. 


Check for guidelines to a helpful review here. 

Log line rules

Work on loglines is not counted as page quota.


Sometimes it takes just a new verb in order to bring a longline to the next level. This leap is heard to count in terms of pages.