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For Production Partners

The next presentation of pitches by the scriptDock community: JUNE 2024!

We present series- and film concepts of our screenwriters for invited production partners. Twice a year for 21 days, on a safe and well-organized pitch platform. Seit 2022.

Screenwriters are working on their original ideas, visions, and obsessions. They look for like minded accomplices and partners for their projects. Here!

As a production partner you are invited to our authors project presentations here. An overview will show you title, author, log line and a brief synopsis of each pitch. If a pitch calls your attention, you may ask the author directly for access to the whole presentation with a single click.

Then you can then read the entire presentation, and, in a best case scenario, contact the author. ScriptDock does NOT charge any kind of fee for this. If you'd like to be invited, simply register here:

The number of reading request floats a pitch to the top of the list. This helps to make well executed work and exciting new authors more visible.

For Authors

An opportunity for screenwriter to present their work for verified production parters! Twice a year for 21 days, on a safe and well organized pitch platform.

We know you care about the security of your work. But also about your reach!

We designed the safety of the pitches accordingly. As the author you decide which request for reading access you grant - or deny.

The tip of your pitch will be published for 21 days, for invited production partners only. We build the framework for the presentations and invite our contacts. You can actively invite readers to your pitch. Thus the contacts of all colleagues accumulate. 


The NEXT PRESENTATION OF PITCHES on scriptDock is in June 2024. 

Invited readers can highlight the pitches in order to make well executed work and exciting new authors more visible!