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Film Direction (Filmarche) , Screenwriting (autodidact)


  • Screenwriting
  • Directing


  • Comedy
  • Romance

Languages / spoken

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Greek

Languages / written

  • English
  • German

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  • Pitcher
  • Logliner
  • Self Improver

After graduating Law School in Athens, I moved in Berlin to follow my life dream of storytelling. This journey began at the direction department of filmArche and goes on until today.


Who am I? The everlasting question. According to the modern Greek philosopher Anastasia - yes, I do call myself a philosopher – the truest part of us, is the spirit inside us.

And the spirit communicates with us through our feelings. When humans, occupations, things make us laugh, cry, scream, dream… Then we have to follow this feeling wherever it leads us.

What moves me is the wonder of arts. Call it writing, directing, dancing… it is all interconnected. Unfortunately my karma put me in the position of studying law. Don’t blame me, everybody makes mistakes. Fortunately that happened in the city of freedom and arts called Athens.

In the city where the sun shines and revolutionary ideas were born, I had screenwriting, film direction and acting teachers who gave me valuable knowledge. At the Film Group of POFPA and EMPROS Theater Stage.

After completing my law studies, I immigrated to the grey, mesmerizing Berlin. There I deepened my knowledge in the heart-space of filmArche and Schott Acting Studio.

Same with filmmaking, my dance journey was always based on creative freedom. I have been dancing freely and trying out all kinds of genres: Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Oriental.

This whole journey led me creating my series vision. My message is about love and freedom. Love for the craft and freedom from the conventional.

I close with an accidental poem of mine, which very well summarizes my biography.

You are free now“

All the people I learned, all the knowledge I earned...

All the words I wrote, all the words I spoke…

All the dances I moved, all the scenes I proved…

All the songs I sang, all the pictures I hung…

All the feelings I felt, all the feelings I said...

All of it brought me closer to my Ithaka.

Fear not. The Barbarians have left.

You are free now.

End of the poem and beginning of a new discussion.

I would be glad to chat with you about my series concept!

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Title: “We know what we are, but we know not, what we may be”

Short film: (Password: Ophelia)

Duration: 6 min.

Language: German

Status: In festival submission process

Logline: “A 40 year old lawyer, changes his life. And makes it worse.”

Director: Anastasia Lymperopoulou

Screenplay: Tom Pilath

Idea and development: Anastasia Lymperopoulou & Tom Pilath

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