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Anastasia Lymperopoulou


Screenwriter (Comedy, Rom-Com) / Film Director



Film Direction (Filmarche) , Screenwriting (autodidact)


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  • Comedy
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  • Greek

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I am coming from Greece, where I also graduated as a lawyer. Exactly after my graduation, I moved to Berlin so as to follow my life dream: storytelling. My next journey was starting at the direction department of filmArche. Finishing it, I started a new one, this of autodidactism in the fields of screenwriting, acting and dancing which goes on until toda


Who am I? The everlasting question. According to the modern Greek philosopher Agape - yes, I do call myself a philosopher – the truest part of us, is the spirit inside us.

And the spirit tries to communicate with us through our feelings. When humans, occupations, things, make us laugh, cry, scream, dream… In other words, when something inside us is moved, then we have to follow this feeling wherever it leads us.

What moves me is the wonder of arts. Call it dance, singing, music, photography, film, writing, acting… at the end of the story it is all one. I have received them and shaped them.

My creative part you can see at the next section „Projekte“ and on my instagram page (to get a bit practical, apart from romantic). The receiving part I have to narrate it to you. I know I break the „show, don’t tell“ rule, but not always we have the means to show, so we just have to tell.

It all unraveled in a city of freedom called Athens, accompanied by the 20's jazz or sirtaki. In the city where the sun shines strong and thousands of years ago tremendous ideas were born. Among those sacred streets and ancient stones, I experienced endless love, smiles, discussions and embrace. There I also met teachers who gave me valuable knowledge--

I learned physical theater and contemporary dance with Olga Gerogiannaki and Antonis Koutroubis at the Art Space Plefsis in Exarcheia. I participated at an eye-opening workshop about the David Mamet Acting Technique with Korina Chrysaidou and George Haratzas in Empros Theater. I had innumerous hours of screenwriting, film directing and film analysis sessions at the POFPA student group.

My passing to the grey but mesmerizing Berlin was the continuation of my journey into the world of arts. Some parts took place in the heart-space of filmArche and other at the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Schott Acting Studio.

If I have to pick only some teachings, I would mention: the „Character Analysis and Movement Psychology (The Yat Malmgren Technique) Masterclass“ with James Kemp / The „Intimacy On Set Workshop“ with Ita O’ Brien / The „Spiritual Psychology of Acting“ with John Osborne Hughes / The „Chubbuck Technique“ with Tim Garde. All of them helped me understand storytelling from a different perspective.

As a closure to this monologue, I gift you an accidental poem of mine, which very well summarizes my biography--

You are free now“

All the people I learned, all the knowledge I earned...

All the words I wrote, all the words I spoke…

All the dances I moved, all the scenes I proved…

All the songs I sang, all the pictures I hung…

All the feelings I felt, all the feelings I said...

All of it brought me closer to my Ithaka.

Fear not. The Barbarians have left.

You are free now.

End of poem. Start of a new discussion. Let us meet and exchange about life and art… Wouldn’t that be magic?


This is my graduation short film; a story about changing your old life and embracing the new - even if it's getting worse and worse.

I directed it and my colleague and friend Tom Pilath wrote the script. The idea and the development was a cooperation of us both.

Title: „Wir wissen was wir sind, aber wir wissen nicht, was wir werden könnten“ / „We know what we are, but we know not, what we may be“ .

Link: , password: Ophelia , duration: 6 min., language: German, in a festival submission process.


My greatest life vision is to produce my comedy series with the title "Love, Peace and Joy".


"An experimental amateur dancer clashes with a professional hip-hoper when she demands real freedom but he wants to keep the community the old-school way. A love-hate relationship evolves where both are meant to learn a lot from each other. "

Based on my own experience of becoming a dancer, I desire to show the world the reality of the world of dance; not only the grace and the beauty but also the superficiality and the vanity of it. By exposing how professional dancers look down on amateur, the comedy element of the series is created.

For season one we follow the journey of Agape, a lawyer who finds the courage to quit her job in Athens, moves to Berlin and applies to dance schools at her 30's. Her lack of money, brings her to a public youth center, where she can train for free.

There she meets her new enemy, Quarme, a 20 year old black guy who was born in a family of German-African dancers and hip hop is all he knows. Agape discovers little by little how many unwritten rules this community has.

It is meant for them to confront. She fights for freedom, he fights for the rules. Questions of discrimination, race, success and integrity are raised, but always in a comedian way.

My real motive behind this story is to help humans realize their actions and laugh at their self-made drama.

For this concept I have written several scenes, its season arc, pilot and bible. I will be glad to share some of my material with you.

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