Shane S.Y. Kang
Shane S.Y. Kang / @ShaneSYKang
Shane S.Y. Kang

Shane S.Y. Kang


I'm a screenwriter and director that focuses on dramatic, character-centric narratives. Most of my writing comes in the dead of night.


B.A. Practical Filmmaking


  • Screenwriting
  • Script Editing
  • Film Production
  • Directing


  • Arthouse
  • Drama
  • World cinema

Languages / spoken

  • English
  • Korean

Languages / written

  • English
  • Korean

scriptDock Community

  • Pitcher
  • Active

I've was raised in all the divided countries: Korea, Germany, and Vietnam. That's why I've always been interested in bridging differences, and I believe that stories are the best way to achieve this.