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Any creative process thrives on a healthy dose of risk. This often means phases of inspiration are followed by phases of cluelessness and despair. Struggle is usually included.

However, the horrible phase actually contains a huge chance: It can lead to break-throughs to new, truly original solutions! This artistic gold is found off the beaten paths and it takes guts to go there. In this process of forging a new path, we accompany you with experience, effective tools, and love for the writing human being.
A review by a Script Coach includes more than just dramaturgical feedback, it offers guidance through the development process because we believe: If the creator of a story steps into a dynamic, flowing process, the script will become dynamic, flowing, and unique.

If you want intensive and competent support, how about investing in yourself? You can book Script Coaching in two sizes:

Small project

Outline or a short film script

The size of your text is either an outline OR a short film script:

An outline of about 12 pages OR a script of up to 60 pages.

The coaching includes looking at the protagonists' goals, theme, message, style/tonality, and personal drive of the writer.

By asking structural questions and offering different development tools, the Script Coach helps to laser focus on the personal intention behind the project, reviving the original impulse to carry you through the development process.

By combining the mind (structure), the heart (passion), and the gut feeling (the spark), we take the essential steps in preparation to write a script.

Large project

Extensive outline or feature film script

Your text is an extensive outline OR feature film script

The Script Coach will read your text closely, offering notes en detail to give you the most precise feedback to what you have written. Together, we find out what your vision is and where you want to take this project. Then we look for ways to get you there!

Sometimes the central idea is hidden between an array of other tempting ideas, or strong influences that are re-enacted. It is our job to make this conscious, enabling the writer to have a greater impact. With a clear vision and a personal voice, you go into the next draft.

When we push the imagination past the expectable we find the most surprising solutions.

How to float:

This Script Coaching is designed to bring visionary writers into their own voice and accompany them to their authentic expression. We work with you to bring your work into excellent shape so it can attract the partners who are looking for just your qualities.

Our prices:

Small project

script up to 60 pages OR a outline up to 12 pages

€ 89,00 (zzgl. Ust)

Large Project

A script up to 120 pages OR a 30 page treatment

€ 179,00 (zzgl. Ust)

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