scriptDOCK offers a haven for screenwriters to present themselves, collaborate, network, and to market their work.

The digital age is taking narrative culture to the next level. ScriptDock offers screenwriters an chance to collective tackle common obstacles. 

In order to tap into the diversity of ideas and well developed scripts, scriptDock is dedicated to connecting writers and industry members. 

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scriptDOCK is literally a dock for scripts in developement. It has three operative sections:

- the TrockenDOCK is a protected area for writers who are seeking feedback for the various stages of a work in progress. Based on a fair-trade system, constructive critique and valuable reviews can be exchanged.

- the section PITCHES is a platform to attract possible producers to a project. The author controls how much of his content is shown to whom.

- the section PROFILES gives screenwriters an individual page to present themselves.

How does that work?


Authors can share resources, structural knowledge and industry talk; they may inspire, find and correct each other's work. Constructive feedback helps to take the individual work to the next level, thus increasing the quality of the work in general.

Have you been in this situation? A deadline is approaching and you´re desperatly searching for a fresh set of eyes on your project. It can be crucial to find the flaws before it is presented to a decision-maker. Preferably by someone who knows what is required from a screenwriter – and someone who's available in time.

In a pool with other writers chances are higher to find that set of eyes.

To encourage a high standard, each the reviews will be rated by the community.

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Script Coaching

Any creative process thrives on a healthy dose of risk. This often means phases of inspiration are followed by phases of cluelessness and despair. Struggle is usually included.

However, the horrible phases are actually huge chances: They can lead to break-throughs to new, truly original solutions. This artistic gold is found off the beaten paths and it takes guts to go there. In this process of forging a new path, we accompany you with experience, effective tools, and love for the writing human being.
A review by a Script Coach includes more than just dramaturgical feedback, it offers guidance through the development process, because we believe: If the creator of a story steps into a dynamic, flowing process, the script will become dynamic, flowing and unique.

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Screenwriters take the stage confidently, presenting themselves as the passionate artists they are, who's work is greatly reflecting and shaping our cultural identity. We present these artists with a unique profile to the public. Those who like to take it to the next level can get their own professional website with us. 


Each individual profile attracts more traffic if pooled with others of the same profession. 


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This section is a marketplace for scripts in various stages of development. Here producers are invited to:

- easily browse through professional pitches

- find stories sortet by tags and relevent search criteria

- see the ratings of pitches by independant readers

- tap into the visions of independent writers

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Screenwriting is critical to a film's success; scriptDock enhances the writing process. 

Each writer and each story is unique.


Every author and every stage of script development requires a different degree of exposure. Screenwriters can select their personal preferences within the range scriptDock offers: 



- from maximum focus on polishing the content; to maximum spotlight in front of the industry 


- from nurtuing and encouragement throughout the sometimes challenging writing process; to structural insights that help dive more deeply into a story.  


- from a protected environment during the growth of a project that helps mature a work; to a fair and healthy exposure to competition which rewards persistence and talent. 


You choose what you currently need! 

ScriptDocks main task is to filter the good scripts to the top.

Through a carefully programmed structure, using the data available to a script, promising work will be highlighted


Through the screenwriters expertise and reviews, an annual best-of list will celebrate outstanding work



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