dockyard for screenplays, 
haven for screenwriters, 
transfer site for pitches.

ScriptDock connects screenwriters in a safe work environment to collectively tackle common obstacles.

In our constantly shifting film and TV industry, both, transparent competition, and nurture of the creative process are essential for writers to work sustainably. 

ScriptDock nourishes diverse ideas and voices, guides them through the process of writing well-developed scripts, and then connects the writers with like minded partners in the industry.

scriptDOCK is a dockyard for scripts

How does that work?

- The dryDOCK is a protected area for writers only. Here they can exchange feedback for the various stages of their work in progress. A fair-trade system encourages constructive critique and rewards valuable reviews.

- The section PITCHES is open for all members who work directly on realizing scripts into films. As an author you control how much of your content is made available to whom.

- The section TRAINING gives screenwriters continuous opportunities to strengthen their craft. In groups as well as in individual script coachings.


Here only actively writing screenwriters have access. This is the repair shop where written material can be presented raw and unpolished in a safe environment in order to develop it further. It is like the dockyard where ships are pulled from the water and taken apart. Once they are ready and "dry", they get launched back into the water.

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You can test your logline at any time:

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Screenwriters are passionate artists whose work reflects and shapes our cultural identity. 

Here they present themselves with a unique profile, either BASIC or EXPANDED, as individuals united with other screenwriters.

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Each training guides you from ideas to results.

You don't lack ideas but time and structure in your work process to actually put them to paper? Well, you are not alone. 

You can join a training group and reach your goals more effectively!

Together with our members we have developed 3 levels of screenwriting training, BASIC TRAINING, ADVANCED TRAINING and the SCREENWRITING MARATHON. Each is running several times per year.

Each training offers 4 weeks of structure for your work process, suitable reading materials, and attainable intermediate steps to reach your own goals.

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Script Coaching

Any creative process thrives on a healthy dose of risk. This often means phases of inspiration are followed by phases of cluelessness and despair. Struggle is usually included.

However, the horrible phases are actually huge chances: They can lead to break-throughs to new, truly original solutions. This artistic gold is found off the beaten paths and it takes guts to go there. In this process of forging a new path, we accompany you with experience, effective tools, and love for the writing human being.
A review by a Script Coach includes more than just dramaturgical feedback, it offers guidance through the development process, because we believe: If the creator of a story steps into a dynamic, flowing process, the script will become dynamic, flowing and unique.

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Screenwriters are essential for a good script; scriptDock nurtures the writers in their process.


This section are presented to verified industry members such as producers, directors, network programmers, and other professionals who turn scripts into films. Here they are invited to:

- find pitches sorted by tags and relevant search criteria

- see the ratings of pitches by other readers

- meet with independent, divers writers

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The ScriptDOCKs community floats the good scripts to the top.

Through a carefully programmed structure, using the data available to each PITCH, including the community response, promising work will be highlighted.

A bi-annual list will celebrate outstanding pitches.

Our Mission Statement

We believe the world needs stories - authentically, vulnerably and bravely told - to further human evolution.

If you feel called to inspire an audience, to reflect to them their experiences, and do so in your authentic voice, you are VALUABLE.